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Artist Webinar for Young People Who Hear Voices

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, many events listed on this website are likely to be cancelled. Please contact specific event organisers for up to date information on whether or not the event will go ahead.

An artist will be joining the webinar to creatively put together all of your thoughts and feedback.
We know that1 in 5 children and young people hear voices others can't. These experiences can often be multisensory and include visions, smells, intrusive thoughts, felt presences and other sensory features.
Are you are a young person between 16-25 experiencing something similar? Would you like to be a part of our special interest research group? This group supported by Voice Collective and Manchester Metropolitan University will collaboratively identify research priorities for improving support and care options for voice hearers, integrating learning from young people, parents/carers, practitioners and researchers promoting positive change.
We will be able to offer each young person a £25 voucher for contributing to the webinar :)
Event time 
Feb 26th