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How to cope with traumatic events, three online sessions

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, many events listed on this website are likely to be cancelled. Please contact specific event organisers for up to date information on whether or not the event will go ahead.

This course is a chance for you to explore what ‘trauma’ - including relational trauma - is and if you have experienced it. We will outline the differences and similarities between traumatic and stressful events and discuss what can help and supports your recovery and wellbeing, looking for ways of dealing with it more compassionately.
Week one: What is trauma? Recognising traumatic events.
Week two: What is the impact of trauma? How it might affect you.
Week three: What helps you? Finding ways to deal with trauma.
This course is an educational space and not a therapy or support group.
We will not share any graphic or traumatic events, analyse your experience or give you advice.
We will simply hold a safe space to allow conversations on the effects of trauma and help educate ourselves on how to spot trauma and deal with it in a supportive way.
Event time 
Repeats every week 3 times.