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Equality and diversity in community mental health services - survey

8 February 2022
The Advocacy Project have coproduced a survey with service users, to explore the experiences of people from minority and marginalised communities, who have used community services to help their mental health and wellbeing.
We would like to hear from people in Camden who are from Black, Asian and other ethnic or religious minority backgrounds, people from LGBTQI+ communities, people who have disabilities/impairments, and people who are deaf.
The survey is anonymous. The information you provide in the survey will help to improve equality and diversity in community mental health services.
Below are some examples of people’s experiences, in relation to being from a minority background:
"I feel there has been a lack of empathy from professionals who don't have the same or similar cultural background or ethnicity as me. They didn’t understand racism isn’t just about words, it is often underlying and covert."
“I can’t talk easily because of my disability. Staff often don’t take the time with me to understand my speech or to communicate in other and easier ways.”
“Staff were interested in my cultural background and made an effort to understand my situation, instead of judging me.”
“I was asked who would collect me, I said ‘my partner’. They assumed it would be a ‘he’ and that made me feel really awkward and I couldn’t say ‘she’.”  
“The GP surgery knows I have disabilities and help me with my mobility issues when I attend appointments.”
We are interested in hearing about services in the community (not hospital care). Below we have listed some examples of services that you might want to think about. Please note these are just some examples, there may be more:
Voluntary sector - for example:
Mind in Camden
Community centres - for example:
Kentish Town Community Centre
GP or nurse appointments
Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust - for example:
iCope (Psychological Therapies Service)
Care Coordinator support
Greenwood centre (please specify which service)
Camden Recovery College
Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Team
Peckwater Centre
Culturally-specific community centres/projects - for example:
Bengali Workers Association
African Health Forum
Camden Council - for example:
Floating support
Better Camden leisure centres and gyms
Tavistock and Portman Foundation NHS Foundation Trust
Other services or local activities that support your mental health, that are free or that you pay for - e.g. specialist services such as LGBTQ+ projects, volunteering projects, local parks etc)
Please complete the survey here:
In addition to completing the survey, you can also provide more in-depth feedback at a focus group or one-to-one interview, for which you will receive a £15 Reward and Recognition payment.  If you would like to do this, please give us your email address or phone number at the end of the survey and we will contact you.
Your data will be stored confidentially and securely, your in-depth and additional feedback will also be anonymous, and we will not share identifiable information.
If you or a person you think might be interested in participating, needs an interpreter or other communication support, or if you have a learning disability, please email:
The survey will close on Monday 7 March 2022.