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Rethink Mental Illness - advocacy and training

Advocacy. This independent mental health advocacy service in Camden supports people who have been assessed as lacking mental capacity to make important decisions and have no one to represent them. This may include people living with dementia or people with long-term mental health problems who do not have close friends or suitable support available to them.  We also offer a wide range of factsheets on a range of mental health topics. Call 020 3317 7197, 9am - 5pm Monday - Friday.

Independent Health Complaints Advocacy

The Independent Heath Complaints Advocacy Service can help individuals make a complaint about a National Health Service (NHS), which covers all NHS funded treatment, this includes NHS hospitals, GP’s, Ambulance Services, District Nurses, Mental Health Services, Dentists, Pharmacists or Opticians. The service is free, confidential and independent to the NHS.

Their advocates will:

Santé Refugee Mental Health Access Project

Our vision is for refugees and asylum seekers to have the freedom and opportunity to lead independent lives in a community, and our mission is to support refugees and asylum seekers in the London region, particularly those with mental health issues, to gain equal access to health and other essential services. We offer one-to-one befriending and advocacy, helping service users access services, integrate into the community and seek asylum. Many service users become volunteers.

POhWER - London Independent Health Complaints Advocacy Service

Our work in Camden includes Independent Health Complaints Advocacy for people who wish to make a complaint about treatment provided under the NHS, and Learning Disability Advocacy Services which support those living with a learning disability who need a 'voice' and helping hand to help them make choices. Read about how to get support from an advocate